Captain Big Brother

These boys sure do love each other. Because our church had General Conference on Easter Sunday (the most perfect way to spend Easter!) I had the boys wear their Easter outfits the week before.
Aren't they handsome?

Daniel would give him kisses all day if we would let him. For some reason, this picture reminds me of how little Daniel still really is. I always think of him as so old and big compared to Sam, it's good to remember that he's still little too!
After we snapped a few shots of the boys together, Daniel let Sam play with his Easter goodie bag from school. Sam was fascinated by the crinkling sound the bag made.

He was happy and contented for a good 5 mins with that bag. Within mere seconds he went from that to this:
Absolutely inconsolable crying and screaming. We've had a lot of that lately. Darn teeth make his life miserable. I keep having dreams that he wakes up with a mouth full of teeth and all done with teething. Sad that those are my best dreams.... Anyways, still no teeth.  
Enter Captain Big Brother to the rescue. (and no, I didn't have to ask for a hero pose, this is what every picture these days looks like)
This is literally seconds after the crying shots. Give Sammy his big brother and all is suddenly right with the world. Daniel has an arsenal of  songs and dances that keep baby ( and Mommy!) happy.
These little boys sure love each other, there is no doubt in my mind that they were meant to be brothers!



Poor lil Sam with those nasty teeth! The boys look so sweet and handsome in their matching Easter sweaters. I love how happy Daniel can make Sam, but especially that he WANTS to do it! What sweet kids!

Kristen Brady

They both look so adorable in their outfits. I feel for you on the teething thing - we're going through that right now also!

The Lassen Family

such cute nephews!! I am a lucky aunt :)

J and M

They are so so so cute. They really do look and sound as though it was indeed meant to be this way from the start! I think the Lord has those kinds of plans (and when I did adoption stuff through LDS family services, there were many stories like this)............

Washington Hills

Suz, these are GREAT. Love the one with all the bubbles on the mouth. And I'm with you - A good big brother is worth his weight in gold to a tired mom!


Two handsome boys! So glad you are all together, just as it is supposed to be. Love you!


Okay, that is so darn cute! Daniel and his super hero poses, and Sam...what a lucky family!

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