Slowly getting on with life. First off, I just have to say that I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends. Your emails and comments have helped to warm my little hurting heart. You're the best.
We're doing all right. Bryan's Mother came last Tuesday and it was so great to have her here. She helped to distract us from the pain and was there to help "redirect" Daniel's attention. (he had been very excited to get a little brother...) He still asks about "Sam" every once in a while and we have to remind him that he not coming to live with us anymore. It breaks my heart each time I have to tell him that. We will most likely do things very differently next time as far as he is concerned. I was worried about surprising him with a little sibling, I didn't want him to feel resentful towards the baby, but know I know that it's better for him to have to get used to an addition than for him to have to deal with such loss.
I think we're still a bit numb from it all, but I'm sure we'll have a chance to go through the whole grieving process.
We spent the weekend in Washington DC. It was a much needed break from the emptiness we felt at home. It was beautiful and WET. I'll share picture soon. I'm keeping myself busy filling etsy orders and creating things on the sewing machine. The best medicine is having busy hands.
We did put our profile back up on www.itsaboutlove.org (search under bryanandsuzanne), so we are officially back in the game. If any of you or anyone you know has any questions we'd love to help out. We may not know all of the answers, but can direct you to who does!


CC Girl

You have been in my thoughts all week. You are a wonderful example to me, and I know the Lord is watching over you. I'm glad Bryan's mom was able to come stay with you guys. Love you.

The Moore Family

Suzer- you are so amazing. You have been on my mind all week. What a blow, I can only imagine. Your Etsy is A-MAZ-ING!


I'm glad you had fun Suz. We missed seeing you though! You are in our thoughts and prayers. Rob and I watched JUNO the other night and I just cried at the end because I had just read your story. My heart aches for you too. Also, I never realized how stinking talented you are on the machine! I'll be checking that super cute purse out on your site!

Holley Pack

Suzanne, you are so amazingly talented! I love the stuff you have on your Etsy shop and the photos of the new things you created. I am keeping you and your family in my thoughts.


I love that bag you made!!! Adorable! The fabric combination is perfect! I've been sewing a lot lately and I really love it.

What I love about that bag is it would be a great diaper bag too!

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