:::Sigh:::: the adoption fell through today. The baby was born on Sunday and the birthmother had me come in to watch and be with him while he was born, then we had him to ourselves all day Sunday. She seemed so sure in her decision. On Monday the birthfather's dad offered them a large chunk of money to keep the baby and today they decided to get married and raise the baby themselves. We are sad and feeling a little betrayed, I just wish that if she felt this uncertain about everything that she wouldn't have acted so sure and had us be such a big part of her life and of the baby's. Anyways, we're fine, we're just going to take a while to regroup and heal and figure out where we go from here. We'll probably take a bit of a break from people, so please don't be offended if we don't answer the phone, etc. for a while. Emails are fine and the messages that we've gotten have really helped us feel better and loved. Thanks for all the support and love that we've received, it helps more than you know.
So, keep us in mind and tell people that we're "back on the market" for a baby who needs an awesome family.
Love you all.


Mrs. Jones

Suzanne, I'm so sorry to hear this. We will keep praying for you and your family. You are so special. The right baby will come, I just know it!
Love you!
~Hannah and Fam


Oh Suzanne, what a heartbreak. We love you and will keep you in our prayers.

CC Girl

We love you guys and you are in our thoughts and prayers. I am so sorry.

Jacque and St. John

I cannot imagine how devastating this has been for your family. This is my worst fear with being the adoption process myself. I feel sorry for that baby who may have had a different life with you wonderful people as parents. Sometimes it is so hard to understand the Lord's ways and how the agency of others affects his plans. I hope that the Lord is with you and that you are able to feel peace at this time.


Bryan,Suzanne and Daniel,
We are sorry for this disappointment for you and all of us. You are in our prayers always. Know that you are loved and that the Lord has you in His hands.

Hugs and kisses to you,


That is so hard. I'm so sorry to hear that. I know there's nothing I can say that would make it better - but know that we're all thinking about you.


Love you all!!!


I'm so sorry, Suz. That must be absolutely heartbreaking. You're in my prayers.


You are an awesome family and the right baby will make it into your arms. It's hard not to be in control of other people's choices when you wish you could. I'm sure Heavenly Father is heart broken too! We love you!

The Moore Family

Suzanne, I'm so sorry. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.


I have been thinking about you for three days straight and will keep it up. ...in the storm on the way to the promised land...


Oh Suzanne! That is heart-wrenching! I will pray for you continually. I love you! I am inspired by your courage and faith.


I am so sorry. . . I can't even imagine what you must be going through right now.

Eric and Elisa

We are so sorry, you guys. I can only imagine the disappointment and heartbreak you are feeling now. We are praying for you. It'll happen.

Holley Pack

I am so sorry to hear that this happened. Take care, and I will keep you family in my thoughts.


Suzanne - you are an amazing woman and I know that the Lord has a plan for you and your family. There is someone who the Lord is preparing to be apart of your family - the right baby will come! I admire and respect your need to regroup, and Ryan and I will pray for you every day. Please know how much you are loved! But us, but especially by Heavenly Father.

The Seattle Hills

Oh, Swooze. I am so, so sorry.


So sad to hear this, Suzanne. I'll be thinking of you.


Suzanne, I'm so sorry about this...how devastating. I am certainly keeping you in my prayers. I know the Lord will bless you and is blessing you.

The Ohio Leavitt's

Suzanne, we are here for you if there is anything we can do. Even if it's a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes it's hard to see what we are supposed to learn from the lessons God sends our way, but he does have a plan for us all.

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