The rest of our visit in Utah:
We spent a girls day out at the home and garden expo. It was a lot of fun to see all of the booths with the new materials they offer. (and the gardens were so pretty!) The home depot booth had the cutest little aprons, so we brought some home and the little kids loved them. I think they look so cute! Grandma finally herded them all together for a photo. The two little boys had a blast playing together when they weren't fighting with each other! I think in a couple of months they will play together beautifully.
One afternoon we met up with one of Bryan's uncles and tried out a new kids Cafe called Max's and Cheese in Orem. I really liked the concept of the place, all of the tables were situated around a little play area for the children. They also had sippy cups and bibs you could use. It was very kid friendly.

Daniel's mac and cheese came with a hot dog "Octopus." It was so cute.

Jane and I had a lot of fun all week. She's just figured out how to say my name, (shoo-shan) and says it all the time. Seriously adorable. Anyways, I started making fishy faces at her and she thought it was so funny! She tried for the longest time to do it back.

Whenever we all went out together we'd pile into the same car and I got to sit next to the two most beautiful girls.

Uncle Tim found a swimming cap and let all of the little kids try it on. Daniel thought it was fun.
Caleb was clearly not amused!

Bryan and I got the opportunity to go down to St. George while Daniel stayed with Meema and Grandpa. St. George was absolutely beautiful!!! The trees were all blooming and it was so warm. I honestly felt like I was defrosting while we were there. I definitely suggest it to anyone stuck in the deep freeze of northern Utah!
Bryan was VERY patient with me as we went through Zion's National Park. We did my version of a drive by shooting, Bryan drives and I shoot my photos out the window while we're moving. It definitely requires some coordination and lots of trial and error. But when you're short on time, you gotta do what you gotta do!

It was absolutely gorgeous! There was still snow everywhere but it wasn't the least bit cold. We drove through Kolob Canyon, Kolob Terrace and the main area in Zions. Sometime we'll have to go back when we've got some time to hike. The views are incredible. Last time we were here I was 5 months pregnant with Daniel and I hiked the Narrows, where you hike through a large stream the whole time. It was so refreshing to be in the water while it was so hot outside! Any the cliffs on either side were covered in greenery. It was picturesque.

(I'm sure as I make my way through all the photos I took I'll be showing you many more, I just can't get enough of the red rock!)
One of the last days we were there we headed over to the Living Planet Aquarium. All of the cousins had been sick during the week, so we kept it short and sweet and some couldn't come. But we still managed to have a really good time.
(The only way I could get Daniel to smile for me was to sick his Daddy on him, it worked)

At the end of the aquarium Daniel found one of his favorite fishes! Bruce from finding Nemo. This is when having a very tall Daddy really pays off!I loved all week how Jane would take care of her doll. Daniel started copying her and was so soft with the "babies." He's definitely getting ready to be a big brother. It is amazing to me how intrinsic these tendencies are in children. I still remember vividly when Daniel started making car sounds as he drove anything he could find around the lines in the rug. We'd never shown him how to do that, that's what he was interested in and he just picked it up himself. I just love how children can surprise us!



We miss you and Daniel so much already and it has only been three days. YOur Zion's pictures are gorgeous!
Love Carol

CC Girl

Suzanne - your blog is gorgeous! I loved your Zions pictures. It has been way too long since I saw you - we will have to try and get together next time we are both in Utah! Hope all is going well, keep in touch!
Lyndsey Howell

p.s: Daniel is ADORABLE!!

Alex & Anna Winn

Your blog is so beautiful. I am just loving the pictures. Alicen's bridal picture just blew me away.

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