Happy belated Easter!
We have had a wonderful Easter Season. I love all of the bright colors I see everywhere. (well at least in the stores, they're no where to be found outdoors yet) I had a lot of fun dying the eggs. I had originally wanted to dye them with Daniel, but then looked at the box and it said "for ages 5 and up." When all was said and done I was REALLY glad I hadn't had him "helping" me. Just by myself I had dyed the whole counter. Thank goodness for bleach.

About 5 mins after we pulled the eggs out for easter Daniel had mutilated them.

Why even bother?
Daniel has really been missing his cousins and "Mima." I thought it was funny how in this picture the level of cooperation we received was directly related to their age!

We ran over to the farmer's market on the day before Easter. I was hoping they'd have some fun stuff for Easter dinner, etc. But it was business as usual. We had lunch there at a Chinese place that boasted the "best Pad Thai in town" so Bryan tried it. It was by far the worst we've had. Just goes to show you can't believe everything you read! I had the sweet and sour chicken which was wonderful. (I guess I'm not very adventurous)
We stopped at a little bakery "booth" and got some great desserts for Easter Sunday. I just thought they were all too pretty to eat.

They have a great flower market that tempts me everytime I'm in that area of town. If only I were rich!

I have lots to update you all with, so I'll write again soon!


Alex & Anna Winn

I can't believe how big Daniel looks in that picture. By the way - can you come and play with my camera and show me how the heck to take pictures? I think you should have to come see me if more than a year has gone by...which I think it has.


As usual, your pictures look straight from a home and garden magazine. Did you make those cupcakes?
We miss you guys - Love Carol

The Ohio Leavitt's

Suzanne, you are SOOO talented. I think for every holiday from now on I am going to look at your post from that holiday the year before to get ideas. It will motivate me. Way to go!

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