Melt My Heart...

Sending my firstborn to all day Kindergarten was a pretty big deal to me. It has it's pluses and minuses, but overall, I think it's been really good for both Daniel and me. It's also led to some tender moments that just melt my heart. Yesterday as I drove Daniel home* from school he asked me if I could give him a picture of me to take with him to school. He said "Mommy, I just miss you so much when I'm at school and I want a picture of you to look at so I won't miss you so much" Then this morning we were about to leave the house when I gave him a kiss goodbye on his cheek and he said "oops, I think I missed ya there" and then gave me a smooch on the lips. LOL. He's too too sweet. I know he won't be giving me kisses much longer, but I hope he stays this sweet while he grows up. These are the moments Mommies live for.

*Daniel rides the bus in the mornings, but I pick him after school because the bus takes 2 HOURS to get him home. We live .2 miles from the school! (we unfortunately can't walk because of some raised train tracks and no sidewalks, etc) Pretty crazy, huh?



Sweet, sweet, sweet. Hooray for little boys. And their sweet mommas.


This is darling - what tender moments! I loved the "miss ya there" comment - so sweet!


Oh that is just so great! Have you guys read "The Kissing Hand"? It's a must read for new kindergarteners and their mom's:)

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