Meet the newest additions to the family!

 Daniel has been wanting a pet for the longest time. I've been thinking we'd get a dog someday (something so cute about a boy and his dog) and keep telling him that we need to wait until we have a house. Then something made me think of the birds I had when I was younger. I loved watching them hop around and listening to them chirp and sing all  day. They were small and didn't take up much space and were easy to take care of. So I thought, "what the heck?" I bought a cage and supplies off of Craigslist. It was next to impossible to find any of these birds locally, but I finally managed to find someone who breeds them (who happens to live a half mile away from me). So without further ado, meet the newest members of the family. Sorry for the bad pictures, the birds are very flighty (ha ha), and I'm shooting through the bars of their cage...First is Mr. Chirpy (nicknamed George...) I love how uniquely colored the male Zebra Finches are!

And here's his mate Mrs. Betsy. Yes, Daniel did name them... with a little help from me. He originally wanted to call them both Star. Yikes.

And here are the 5 (!) eggs they've laid since we got them. We're going to let them raise a clutch or two just so Daniel can learn all about it. Their eggs are tiny and so cute. (only about 1/2 inch long) By my calculations, they should be hatching next week! Can't wait to meet our little chicks!


Team Jensen

What a fun idea! Hope their chirping doesn't drive you crazy, though!!

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