Wow, wow, wow. I don't even remember how I heard about this movie, I just remember knowing that it would be a good movie. I didn't know what it was about, and I won't tell you either, it would ruin it for you. All I can say is that this movie was beautiful. I sobbed at the end. (which is become increasingly common for me... hopefully it's just because I just watching more meaningful movies lately?) You can feel the main actor's conviction, he wasn't just acting, he believes in the message of this movie, it was in his eyes. Although this movie was refreshingly clean, (no language, no sex, etc) this is not a movie for children, there is one scene that would definitely bother them. I was able to watch it for free on my computer from netflix (one of there instant watches online, and I have a free months trial), and I'm sure you could find it at Blockbuster, if not at a Redbox. So go rent it, put the kids to bed and keep a tissue near. Then let me know what you think!



We watched it for about 45 minutes and just couldn't get in to it so we quit watching it. Maybe I need to give it another try. We are HUGE fans of Netflix.
I would recommend Fireproof. It was an awesome movie.


It did have a pretty slow start, and it's obviously not much of an action flick ;) But the end was just so beautiful to me. I just got fireproof from the library, so I'll be watching in with in the next 4 days! lol.

Washington Hills

Thanks for the recommendation! I love movies...


I actually saw this movie title on a list of good, clean movies in some on line magazine and we checked it out to watch it. I really liked it also - and felt the ending was so sweet and beautiful. It was definitely a different style of movie for me, and it took a little bit to get into it, but I definitely cried too and really enjoyed it! Glad you did too!!


We've seen it and LOVE it too! Such a good message. Did he look a bit like Jesus at the end or was it just me?


Kara, It wasn't just you, I totally thought he looked like him the whole time too. (except when he was clean shaven... little too much "hot latin" for a Jesus portrayal ;) )

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