Leapin' Lizards!

Daniel became quite adept at swimming this summer. We put a life jacket on him and he was off. (we never let him go in without an adult, don't worry!) His favorite part was jumping in and out of the water.

He even got brave enough to use the diving board. Once he started that there was no stopping him.
After a while his little cousins got in on the action, soon we had all sorts of little ones jumping and running. It was a great way to wear them all out!
Everytime we go swimming in the pool I can't get over the view, it's just so gorgeous!



I love the life jacket and the floaties. That kid is packing!


These pictures are great! Great action shots! So much fun in the pool while you guys were here. I heard that Bryan passed his boards...HOORAY! That is so exciting, congrats!

Washington Hills

My dad used to throw me around in the pool like that too! So fun!

Holley Pack

Great photos. The view in the background is AMAZING!

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