So, for spring break this year our little family drove out to Kansas City to visit my brother, sister and their families. We had a great time. We got to hang out a bit and see some of the local sites. I just have to say that Kansas has definitely gotten a bad wrap, it was lovely. This will be another 2 (or 3) part post. The following is my photo essay on The Plaza. (kind of like a glorified River Woods for those Utah county people) The area was built to look like Seville, Spain and it's beautiful! I wish we had longer to spend there so that I could get some real pictures, but these will have to do :)The tower in the back there is a 1/2 sized reproduction of the Giralda Tower in Spain, an ancient minaret from the Almohad mosque of Seville. (which was later turned into a Cathedral)This is the Cheescake Factory ;)Kansas City is known as the "City of Fountains", they are everywhere. We were too early for most of the fountains to be working, but they were still beautiful.All the buildings were beautifully ornate.


Marissa and Jim

You were in Missouri not Kansas. Just to let you know. You were only 30 minutes from us. Although we were out of town for Easter.


yeah, I guess I didn't specify that the plaza is on the Missouri side of Kansas City, sorry! Only half hour from you! We'll definitely have to try to see you the next time we come though!


Wow, what a beautiful city! I'd love to see it someday.


If that's the Independence mission, then my brother (Michael) is somewhere down there. He's in...ok, I just checked. Gardner, KS right now.

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