Easter 2009
The day before Easter we took Daniel to the park. I stayed behind in the car to finish my sub (can I just say that $5 foot longs are awesome!?) Anyways, while Daniel was out playing with Daddy the Easter Bunny knocked on the car window to tell me that he had hidden eggs for Daniel to find! I hollered over to the boys and Daniel came a runnin'. He ran so fast that he even lost his shoe and didn't stop to find it. (Daddy stopped for it) The Easter Bunny was worried that she had placed the eggs to out in the open, but it was perfect. (She always forgets that Daniel is really only just 4! His size fools even her!)

He was so proud and excited with each egg he found. We were glad that we knew how many eggs we had to find or we would have left quite a few there! (lesson learned: always count your eggs before you hide them!)After all the eggs were found we went right back to playing on the playgound. The park we were at is amazing. They just recently ripped out the not very old equipment and spent, like, $400,000 redoing it all. There is a water playground, a huge playground with connecting tunnels, a smaller playground, a walking/biking trail and a large pond,and a tether ball court. (and that's just what we've discovered so far) We love it. We spent the evening dyeing eggs. Daniel was very concerned when he heard that we were "die-" ing eggs, but I think he's a fan now. I was really annoyed, because if you look at the eggs, they all have lines around the middle. They must have put something on them at the processing plant. Daniel's Easter basket. Just pretend you don't see the mess behind it. My sewing project is to the left and our wonderful, fabulous IBC Rootbeer is to the right. (which I'm also giving up.... I'm still caffeine free!)

I started making the rolls the night before and when I pulled out the butter these cute little cubes slipped out. I know, I know, who posts pictures of butter online, but they were just so cute and I LOVE that I don't have a whole cube ruined by being unwrapped forever. I don't really go through butter quickly at all. For dinner on Easter I made my first ham! I was pretty proud of myself and amazed at how easy they are! It was super yummy. I was working on making dessert when Daniel came into me to tell me he had to wash his hands.

Someone had found their chocolate bunny! I'm so glad it was a smaller one, can you see the sugar induced coma coming on? I love my boy.



looks like Daniel had a blast! and your first ham looks delectable! good job!


That kid is too stinkin' cute. Looks like an exciting Easter and I am slightly jealous!


Yay for surprise visits from the Easter Bunny! I'm excited to follow your footsteps next year ... do you think Logan will be old enough to get it? :) What park did you guys go to? Sounds awesome!

Washington Hills

Awesome, Suz! Yes, I love $5 footlongs, too. Especially when you're on vacation and CANNOT got to McD's again!


I'm sure Logan will LOVE it next year! It's so much fun when they start to "get" stuff. We went to Homestead park in Hilliard, you can look it up using this address: 4675 Cosgray Rd
Hilliard, OH 43026
It's not all that close to us, but we sure love it!

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