Our trip to the pumpkin patch:
The medical school had a "Family Friendly Activity" at a pumpkin patch near our house. It was soooo incredibly cold that day, but Daniel was really excited to get to those pumpkins.
We ran into a few of our friends there and one of their little boys was wearing this OSU hat, who could resist that?

Daniel was a little confused as to the purpose of the corn maze, but was willing to do anything to get at those pumpkins. (they're so easy to please when they're 3!)
I'm really not hiding behind Bryan in this next one, we were sitting on the Hay Ride and the person next to us took the pic. (thanks Heather!)
We got to pet a cow....
Jump in a ...... jumpy thing.... I have no clue what it's called, but little boys sure like it!.....
and go down a slide with a friend.
We got three great pumpkins and narrowly escaped the frost bite ;) We love the pumpkin patches out here.


Nicole Bell

Looks like fun! Daniel looked like he had a blast. I guess I need to hit a pumpkin patch next year...maybe I still can. Thanks for taking such good care of Landon this weekend :) He had a great time with you guys.

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