Halloween 2008:
Daniel's first real jack-o-lantern, Grandpa helped Daniel carve his pumpkin and Daniel named him "Silver Streak." (he'd just gotten a transformer with the same name from his grandparents)

Daniel needed a practice run in his "Curious George" costume. (Mommy needed to see if it fit!) So we had a fashion show for the grandparents.

Scenes around the house. I have a real weakness for gourds, I could have spent a small fortune on a quadrillion of them, but I stopped myself. Still I always struggle with where to put them all!

This little desk was a garage sale find, someone had put it in their driveway with a Free sign on it so I grabbed it! It's by our front door right now, but will eventually make its way into our office so that Daniel can do his artwork while I sew.

The leaves here are always gorgeous in the fall! I can't ever get enough of them. I kind of felt like they were over almost as soon as they started turning colors, so next year I'll have to get out early for photos.

Bryan had most of the day off of school, so we took Daniel to the zoo. It was a warm day and not crowded at all.

We take Daniel's picture by this statue every time we go to the zoo so we can keep track of his growth, I'll have to pull up a few old ones to show you that boy has he grown!

Bryan was playing a game with Daniel where he would tickle him or touch him from behind and then claim that there was a sneaky Monkey doing it. Daniel LOVED it and we had to search for an appropriate monkey to blame, this guy was pegged. So here he is, Daniel's friend, the Sneaky Monkey.

Daniel was pretty impressed with the size of the Orangutan's hands and feet.

We came home and quickly changed him into his costume so that we could go trick or treating with our neighbors. He was pretty darn excited, he remembers how fun it was last year and can't wait for all of his loot.

This is Daniel and his little friend Kyrie, (she was a princess witch) I think she's only 6 months younger than him, it's pretty crazy how much bigger he is than her though.



Such a handsome young man! He looks so much like you Suz!

CC Girl

I love all your fall pictures, those are beautiful. Love Daniel's cute little face, he's darling!


Suzanne, you really have such a gift of making a home beautiful!

The Lassen Family

Adorable!! I loved your "doorway decor" very cool. How on earth did you learn to decorate? didn't we grow up in the same house? I obviously didn't get the "gift"


Yeah for all of the new pictures! Your house is beautiful, your pumpkins looked awesome,and Daniel looked adorable in his Curious George costume!

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