So, I've had a lot of people ask me about my new little shop and I finally realized that I forgot to tell everyone on my blog about it. So, here it is... I've started a little Etsy shop. ;) My sister named it for me and it's a very fitting name, it's exactly what I am: The Little Middle Sister . (Since with 8 of us there really isn't a middle, and if there were a middle, I'd be right below it) I make and sell lots of cute little girl clothes and am trying to come up with some cute little boy clothes too. (it's always soooo much harder to find little boys clothing)(well cute clothing anyways!) I've started this venture to help offset the costs of adoption, so every penny I make right now goes towards those costs. It's a great creative outlet for me and a hobby that pays for itself, which is very helpful! :) I've had quite a few special orders already and I'm having a lot of fun with it too. Here are a few pictures of some of the things I've made.


CC Girl

What can't you do?!! You are amazing - these are gorgeous. I will have to be making a purchase once this little one arrives!

The Moore Family

Suser! Amazing!! Your talent is overflowing and I hope to one day catch a few of the overflowing drops from your bucket!!! Come visit me too at wehavemoorefun.blogspot.com

The Lassen Family

oooh, I like the blue!!


You are amazing!

By the way, the news of you "changing your answer" was greatly amusing to the recipient of that information. tbvql

Nicole Bell

Suzanne!! What a talent you have. Those clothes are absolutely adorable. I will have to order something here in the near future!


I love them! What a talent you have!


You're stuff is sooo cute! I love ETSY...it's one of my favorite places to waste time. Hope everything goes well with the adoption! Congratulations!!!

Holley Pack

Wow Suzanne, I love all your adorable creations. Congratulations on being matched with a birth mother too! How exciting.


Wow, where did you get those cute models? :)

jon and marni

You're joking me! What is this more talents.............I'll need to sign up for some things for my Ellie. And CONGRATS on the upcoming baby!!!!! 2 is insane.


These are adorable and I need a couple for Emery and Jane - I couldn't get the link to work...Let me know how to look at them on Etsy. (You've got me hooked:) Congrats on the new little one too! I miss you!


I just got a first look at your little Etsy shop! YOU are SO talented! I don't know very many people as talented as you. You inspire me to develop my talents. I'm sorry to hear about your adoption hardship. You guys are amazing parents and there are some special children just waiting to come to you someday. Love you guys!

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