So I've been seriously neglectful of my blog. I hope to remedy that in the near future! We're just ending our vacation in Utah with all of our family and time has just flown by! The weekend after the family reunion in Bear Lake with Bryan's family we headed up to Island Park in Idaho to spend some time with my family. I had never been up in that part of Idaho and it is gorgeous!!! We stayed in a beautiful cabin on the lake and were able to get right in the water from there. I really wish I could have brought my camera with me on the Wave Runner, the land around the lake was just beautiful. It was fun for me to see my siblings out in the water having fun, it was some of their first time's in a boat and on jet skis. (really, really wish I had pictures of that!) Daniel LOVED hanging out with his cousins, poor Jared had a shadow the whole time...

Mercifully, the cabin had a kids room full of toys. Daniel thought it was the coolest thing ever.

We finally gave in a bought him a new swimsuit. We'd already been back to the house twice for forgotten items before we remembered that we'd left his suit. I figured at the point we were at it would be faster and easier to just buy a new one. Bad girl, I know. (but he is pretty dang cute though) I've decided that I love this kind of a suit for a little boy because he doesn't get burned on his little back!



Um, so I totally love Daniel's face in the last pic, like he's totally done with you taking pictures of him! HA!

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