So happy for and proud of my good friend Nathan Pacheco. If anyone I know would have made it big time, it's this guy. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. His voice sounds so beautiful, he's really figured things out with technique, etc. So glad the beauty of his voice is able to shine through! Looks like yet another album I'll have to watch for. I would love to congratulate him myself, does anyone have his email? (He fell off the "grid" a while ago) Click on the photo and it'll take you to Yanni's site, where you can see that Nathan is doing a lot of solo work with him.

( http://www.yanni.com/voices/index.aspx )



Thanks for the wonderful comment about Nathan.
He has completed an incredible album with Yanni and many great things will be happening with Nathan in the next few months.
My name is Bob and I am working with Nathan.


Hi Bob, thanks for stopping by, make sure and tell Nathan I said Hi and I wish him the best of luck! (and tell him to email me!)


That's so great for Nathan! How exciting!

Crystal Dawn

Oh, I am soooo happy for Nathan! It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy! If anyone sees him soon, please tell him that Crystal Meservy says hello & congrats!

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