Seriously in love. Have any of you heard the new coldplay album? It is incredible. It's one of those albums that makes you want to take a road trip just so you can listen to it in the car. I'm trying to upload a playlist so you can hear some of it, we'll see if that ever happens!


The Ohio Leavitt's

I love coldplay!!! So I haven't seen you guys in forever. I have Daniel's Lightning Mcqueen (? SP). I cleaned under my couch the other day and there it was. The funny thing is that Jarin cleaned under there once before and never saw it. I need to call you tomorrow. We are having a birthday party for Mckade on Tuesday at 7pm. We would love you to come if you can. Also, if you have time one of these days, I would love to hire you to take some pictures of Mckade (and maybe a family pic. if Jarin's available when you are). I'll call you.

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