I am very slowly going through our pictures from last weekend in Nauvoo. It really was incredible to be there and experience it all when I'm old enough to appreciate it. Our first night there we were staying across the river in Ft. Madison. (In a VERY scary hotel!) When we drove over the river towards Nauvoo we got stopped on a toll bridge that was letting a barge/ship through. Daniel of course thought this was the coolest thing. It was a gorgeous evening and it was a beautiful site. Everything was lush and green, I could totally see why they called it "Nauvoo the beautiful."



Suzanne! It's your old pal Melissa Phillips! Anyway, it was a nice surprise to find your blog on Anna's website so I had to check it out. I heard from AC that you're in the process of trying to adopt...good luck with that. I'll definitely keep you in my prayers.

The Lassen Family

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