Happy Mother's Day!
As I listen to the beautiful strains of tornado sirens calling through the air, I'm awfully glad that it's Sunday and we aren't out anywhere!
My poor husband always has double duty this time of year. My birthday is always right around Mother's Day. I'm sure it's got to be difficult, but he always manages to make it great. Today he woke me up with breakfast in bed. It was perfect, he made sure the bacon was crispy, the orange juice wasn't pulpy and he even got me strawberry syrup. That's one of the great things about being married, they know just how you like everything, even if it's exactly the opposite of how they usually do it. Daniel's idea of a Mother's Day present was to draw all over the walls in purple and green crayon. It was beautiful. All I have to say is that I'm SO glad I got washable crayons and that yesterday I happened to pick up some Magic Erasers, they made my life so much easier! (Bryan was doing the dishes from breakfast, or I'm sure he would have cleaned it up for me.)
This year I've gotten a unique perspective on different people's views of Mother's Day. I'm on a couple of forums for adoption and it's a touchy subject for a lot of women. It's made me much more sensitive to what many women around me may be feeling. I wish I could make it right for all of them.

All of our paperwork to adopt is in. Now we just have to wait to be approved. Sometimes this can take forever (a couple of months or longer) but our caseworker thinks he can have our home study written up much sooner. So we are cautiously optimistic that we should be approved in the next week or so.

While I'm thinking about it, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank so many of you for helping us spread the word that we're trying to adopt. People have sent our info to family and friends, their religious leaders and even their doctors. At our agency there are MANY more potential adoptive families than children placed for adoption. So it is basically up to us to find our child. (our agency is still most definitely working on our behalf, but they can only place as many babies as they have!) It means so much to us that our friends and family care enough about us to help us build our family. I know that it can sometimes be awkward, but you never know who might know someone in need. The outpouring of love and support we have felt has been very humbling and very encouraging. Adopting is never an easy thing, but having so much support helps more than you'll know.


Alex & Anna Winn

The number of kids in foster care is heartbreaking. I think that says a lot about what's happening in our country right now and our society. I taught some kids that were in foster care when I was a high school teacher. It's so sad -

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