Our Christmas Break part 2:
It's hard to sum up 2 months in a couple of pictures, so I didn't! Be prepared for a TON of photos. Daniel's favorite place at my parents house was their pantry. When we started to talk about what to have for dinner Daniel tapped his finger on his chin and said "Mom! I got it!." And ran off. This was what he brought me. A case of rice krispy treats... for diner.

While we were there my baby turned 3! It's crazy to think that I've been putting this little guy to sleep every night for 3 years. It's amazing how fast it all goes. On his birthday Bryan and I took him to a park for his first sledding trip. He LOVED it. When we got there a big chocolate lab came running up to us with a tennis ball and made us play fetch with him the whole time we were there. It was a blast.Since I didn't have a ton of time to make a cake, Daniel and I went to the store to pick one up. When he saw this he had to have it. I kept trying to talk him into the cute snowmen or the Santa Claus cake. But he was set on this one... definitely a little boy!He loved the Thomas " 'Puter" his Aunt Megan. He always gets it out and "works" while Mommy and Daddy are on theirs.Aunt Shannon and Uncle Erik gave him his first play dough. He loves it, but I think the adults had more fun with it that day.In between bouts of my Iritis I was able to take some bridals for my good friend Alicen. Isn't she beautiful?We had a family party on the night of the BYU bowl game, the men were all VERY intent on the tv. It was so exciting when they won!On Christmas Eve we went up to Shannon's house and I got to make Abelskeivers. I learned how to a few years ago ( thanks AC!) But was quite a bit rusty. They were soooo good. I am officially in love with this nativity. (It's my sister Shannon's) I've always loved nativities, but I especially love how streamlined and adorable this one is. Too cute. ~The bane of my existence~
A chocolate fountain with lots and lots of fruit to dip in it, yum!We spent Christmas morning with Bryan's family and had fun watching all the little kids with their presents. It's amazing how much more fun Christmas is when there are children involved.Daniel was very excited and sick of me taking pictures. This is his smile of rebellion. Punk.We took Daniel sledding again after Christmas. His cousin Jane loved the ride over, but wasn't so fond of the actual sledding.Daniel was so brave and went by himself on his sled. He loved going down with Grandpa.Bryan's cousin got married that week and we were able to attend the ceremony and the luncheon. We sat in the back with all of our kids so that we could make a quick getaway! Jane does everything with passion, here she is dramatically sipping her lemonade. Daniel found a new friend in one of Bryan's cousins. She is such a sweetie and Daniel stuck by her side.Life is good here in Ohio, we're watching the debate tonight, GO Mitt!!!


Mike and Rachael Hohmann

Okay Suzanne - You have to let me know how to get in contact with Alicen! She does look beautiful and I'm so thrilled that she's getting/gotten married! Hooray! PLEASE tell me her email, blog, phone, anything.


Very cute pictures. We should think of something fun to do soon. This cold weather is really getting to me. I left the house a total of 3 times between monday and thursday (and twice was to get the mail just down the sidewalk).

the christensens

I love all your pictures! Can you teach me how to be a photographer ... and how to sing? :) And then maybe we can throw in the whole lesson on how to be a mom. I still have a lot to learn! Thanks for sharing all your fun vacation memories with us!

Kendall Watkins

Your pictures are so beautiful! I am so impressed with you.

The Lassen Family

#1 rule of having a kid with a Christmas time birthday-----NO snowman or other winter/Christmas themed cakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Promise me!!!! It is his birthday----just get him a BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!

Gee--do I sound bitter? PS, can't see the picture of that one :)


Yea! I'm so glad you made them! They looked so good!

Still sad I missed you when you were here...I left early for AZ though and you were sick. NEXT time!


Its fun to hear what you did on your trip when you weren't at our house. Daniel is so cute - and as usual, your pictures are amazing. Can't wait to see you guys again


Linked here from Dani's blog. You have a great eye for photography! Thanks for letting me pop in. :)

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