My Christmas Vacation part 1: (by no means in any real order)
Getting there was a bit crazy, we had to make people move on every flight so that we could sit together. I ran into an old college friend (scary that I can say that now...) and it was fun to meet his wife and baby. The views were absolutely beautiful above the clouds. (Daniel obviously agreed)
The first thing Daniel did when we got there was go for the cookies. He knows that Grandma's house never disappoints on the cookie front. He is just beaming from being at Grandma's house.It took a couple of minutes for our nephew to warm back up to us. Can't believe how fast babies grow!He finally gave us his approval when Bryan fed him grapes. I just love all the cute/funny faces he makes!While we were there I got to take some photos. I didn't get to do much in that way because of my eye problem. I kept putting the lens up to my eye and trying forever to adjust the focus only to at last remember that my eye was the problem!Of course we made a gingerbread house. It only took the talents of 5 women and Daniel to get it done. ;)After is was done he just wanted to stare at it....all.....day....

Trying to figure out how to get us to let him eat it.

Trying to reason with us about how logically these things should be eaten, and the sooner the better!
Random addition:

Phoenix at sunrise... This was taken during one of my flights.... I think it was the one coming home where I flew out at 6am with a 3 year old by myself and no way home from the airport. Don't recommend it by the way. (I mean the flying part, Phoenix looks gorgeous!)



I must agree that AZ sunsets are wonderful!


How did you get home from the airport?



I finally got a hold of my friend Heather who is a life saver! (thanks Heather!!! and thanks Carol for finding the phone number for me!) But she ended up having to wait forever for me because they lost our carseat! They gave us a very worn and ugly loaner for the ride home and brought ours to us the next day.

The Lassen Family

your photos are really getting GOOD!! I guess you can take some of us when we come visit (hopefully I will lose lots of weight before then :)
Kourtne's pictures are great and so are your candids :) Bad eyesight stinks huh? I always toyed with the idea of being an opthalmologist until I realized you have to be able to see to do that :)


I absolutely LOVE the picture of Daniel with his hand in the cookie jar - so cute!

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