In this picture you can see two faces, Max Hall's and my husbands!! This was on the front page of the newspaper today. This picture doesn't show it, but Bryan actually carried Max Hall for a bit. Crazy boy.

Bryan and I got to go see the BYU vs. UofU football game on Saturday. (Thanks Grandpa!) What an incredible game! We were sitting next to two Ute fans in a sea of blue. They were actually pretty classy about the whole thing. I didn't see much ugliness about the rivalry. (except, I'm sad to say, some of the older men that weren't too gracious ..... who knew?) It was just incredible to be there with all the action and noise. I swear that there is nothing louder than cougar stadium when they play the Utes! The last few minutes were incredible, I thought for sure that we'd lost the game, but my cougars pulled it out!! Go Cougs!



afraid to ask, but who is Max Hall, and why are you so excited about him?


Lol, Nicole. I guess that would be suspect... he's a football player for BYU who made THE play of the game to win it. It was a pretty exciting catch


Totally AWESOME! Great pictures - I'm so glad you got to be there in person, what a memory! Will you be staying in Utah thru Christmas then?


Heather, yeah that will be one to remember for a long time. I'm sure Bryan will make me frame and hang that first picture! Daniel and I will be in Utah until early January, but Bryan is in Columbus. :( Poor guy is all alone. I had the funniest dream last night that I was trying to help you find Rick in the woods...... totally random, huh? (we found him by the way and all was well!)

Jones Family

Hey Suzanne! Gma E gave me your site! I love it. You are so talented with the camera, not to mention you've got the best subjects to capture (ie. Daniel). I've loved looking through your posts!
We miss you guys, but it looks like things are going so great for you!
Love ya!

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