5 Years Ago.....

Wow I was just thinking of where I was 5 years ago and it's amazing how quickly time flies! 5 years ago I was in college, single (I think I was dating someone at the time, but I'm not sure... yeah that's how memorable that relationship was;) I had just finished Performing in Carmen at BYU and I was inexplicably ahead in my classwork. I was preparing to give my hour long senior recital and singing in BYU Singers. I had stumbled upon some of the best roommates I ever had. 5 years ago I also found out that my sister had leukemia. I think that's why everything else is a bit of a fog. That one instance is so clear and precise in my mind. It's amazing how so many things can get lost in the shuffle and yet some things stay untouched, almost as if you carefully wrapped up the memory and put it high up on a shelf to be undisturbed by the humdrum of everyday life. It put a lot of things into perspective for me really fast. All of the little things I worried about so much were not even on the eternal radar. I had so much to learn. The past five years have served me well. I met and married Bryan and joined a wonderful family who adds so much to my life. I had a wonderful little boy who teaches me daily of God's love. I've learned to let go of some of the things that weigh me down. It's incredible to see not only how much my life has changed, but also just how much I have changed. I so grateful that the Lord is patient in giving us the time we have on this earth. Because for me growth is all about time.
What were you up to 5 years ago?



I was putting make up on you singers in Carmen 5 years ago! :o) By the way I still NEED, please, please, please, a recording of you in it! I loved that opera, and let’s be honest, everything else you sang, (well, except for blasting my ears in the kitchen of Madison #9).

On a serious note, it is nice to see that picture of Josie there, and that goes along with what you were saying about perspective. I will have to agree that in the last five years I have gained more perspective on the importance of things and the “plan”.


I love this idea. Five years ago, I was in my Freshman year at BYU, taking my first accounting class. I was also breaking off a long-term relationship with a nonmember (which took me many years to have the will power to do). The last 5 years have treated me very well as well.

I really want to hear you sing sometime. Or maybe we can get together and watch some of your performances.

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