I have found my Mecca. The other day Daniel and I dropped Bryan off at work and then drove about 40 mins. to the outlet mall. It was beautiful. Not necessarily beautiful in the aesthetic sense, but in the bargain/incredible buys sense it was one of the most beautiful things I've seen! There is a Pottery Barn/Williams Sonoma, Carter's, Oshkosh, Gymboree, Bombay & Co., Ralph Lauren, Eddie Bauer and TONS of other places. I was there from about 10 am to 4 pm and we didn't even see half of it. I got Bryan some pants and both of us sweaters at Eddie Bauer. (can you believe that they had a 36" length on the rack?!? I would have liked a 38 a little better, but you've got to take what you can get!) At the Old Navy outlet everything was %60 off, I think I'll have to go back there really soon! When I entered Pottery Barn it was like I'd died and gone to heaven! I have a feeling I'll be spending many a day at the Prime Outlets! (they even have a playground for the kids) We went to Zoo on Labor Day and had a lot of fun. Daniel sat on Bryan's shoulders and started steering him with his head, it was pretty cute. We especially loved the silver backed gorilla. He was massive and very beautiful. (Daniel thought so too!)

They had an aviary that had birds that would drink nectar from your hands and a kangaroo area where you could walk along side of them. It was amazing to us to be that close to a kangaroo!

Daniel loved the Elephants, but by far his favorite part of the zoo was the train ride at the end. He thought it was James (from the Thomas and Friends show)

It was a great day and we'll definitely be going back soon! (hopefully on Tuesday)



I loved your pictures. I almost can't bear to look at them because they make me homesick for you guys and Daniel. Hope to see you soon.
Love, Carol

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