A Quintet

I can't belive how much Bryan's side of the family has grown this year! Within about 6 months we added 5 new members! 3 babies were added with 6 weeks of each other in Nov./Dec. and two new in-laws married in during the month of May. It's been an exciting year and we love each of our new additions!!!
We grabbed a quick family picture after Sam's blessing. It's amazing what a difference a few months and 5 people make!
This was us last summer:
Through this all I've been super impressed with Bryan's parents.  They've taken it all in stride and loved every minute. It takes some serious flexibility to make everything work, and they did! I'm betting we'll never add so many so quickly again, so I just had to mention it!
 I guess it could happen..... lol.


Alex + Anna Winn

I'm impressed you guys all got together. That NEVER happens on either side of our family. Photoshop here we come.


I know, right? On my side of the family it only happens at weddings. It's getting harder and harder on Bryan's side too. We're in Ohio, one sibling's family is moving to Alabama, two sibling's families are moving to California and who knows where we'll end up in 6 months. We're just trying to enjoys it while we still can. :) (and it was super nice that they all made the effort to be at the sealing, it meant a lot to us)


what a nice post. You are such a sweetie. It has been a whirlwind, we are just so grateful for all the grandbabies and all the wonderful in-laws we have like you. The sealing was such a highlight for us. Thanks for coming out to do it here.

love Carol

Washington Hills

What a great family. Makes me envious for a big family picture of our own!

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