(Originally written August 12, 2010)
We got a call today telling us that our adoption was finalized today! I'm feeling both elated and like it's a bit anti-climatic. Normally when an adoption is finalized you go to court and at the end of the hearing the magistrate declares it final. Because of all of the hiccups and delays in our case (thanks to an incompetent case worker in Georgia, long story) we went to court on June 23rd, but it wasn't able to be finalized until today. We are so excited to officially be a family of 4!

June 23rd Court Hearing:
When we went to the court house for our finalization hearing we had to go to down town Columbus and up to the 22nd floor!
We waited in the court room for a bit while everything got squared away.

We had a tired baby on our hands. We hoped he would sleep through the proceedings, but he perked right up as soon as there were people in the room. (He's definitely a people person!)
While we waited, we enjoyed the view of Columbus from above through heavily tinted windows. It was a hot, sunny day. You don't get to see a bird's eye view out here very often. (No mountains to look down from :) So this was a treat for us.
Everything went great, but sadly halfway through the Magistrate let us know that we wouldn't be able to finalize that day. :( We were bummed as we'd planned to go to the Temple with Sam 2 weeks later. Regardless, it was still a great feeling to have the Interlocutory Decree in our hands. Our Lawyer asked us a bunch of questions about our family, how we felt about adoption and how we felt about Sam. Bryan was very eloquent and I wish I could have recorded it. I just tried not to cry through my answers.
When everything was said and done we were able to take pictures with the Magistrate. She had Daniel come right up and sit in her chair. He thought it was the coolest thing ever.
Everyone took turns holding Sam. Here he is with our Ohio caseworker, Spencer. We can't say enough good things about Spencer. We were so lucky to have him on our side and working for us.

I ADORE this picture of my two boys sitting in the Magistrate's seat. Precious.

So happy he's officially our boy: Samuel Owen John!


The Bell Family

Congrats on it being final. That must be such a relief for you guys. Oh and Megan told me that the sealing was lovely.


Congratulations! So exciting for your family, and such cute little guys! Hooray for brothers.


Hooray for Sammy!

♥ kimberly

Yay! I'm so happy to have him officially in the family!


Hooray!! I am so so happy for you guys... what a special little guy, and that picture of the two of them sitting together... priceless!!

Washington Hills

Oh, love it! LOVE IT. LOVE IT. LOVE IT.

Marissa and Jim

I was just wondering if you had finalized yet. So happy for you. We go to court on Nov 19, National Adoption Day. Hopefully everything goes ok. Love you!


Congratulations!! I just found your blog and I love reading it. I'm catching up on your life and you keeping making me cry! I love your testimony of the gospel that you share often.

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