A Beautiful Day

We recently got to spend some time in Utah for my Brother in Law's wedding. It was such a perfect, beautiful day.
In the morning there was a beautiful breakfast at one of the old Eccles' mansions up in Ogden. It was here that I discovered that I'd forgotten the memory card for my camera! I was so sad to miss the photo opportunities. At my wedding we forgot to have anyone take photos of the luncheon, so I wanted to make sure that someone snapped a few for them. Luckily, there was a real photographer there. ;) (He and I even had the same camera, lol) Anyways, it was a beautiful place full of beautiful people. We heard some great stories and ate such good food. Tim's younger sisters sand "Longer" by Dan Fogelburg while his brother accompanied them on the guitar and his sister Lara and I sang "Belle Nuit" while his mother accompanied. It was a lot of fun. From there we all met up at the temple for one of the most beautiful ceremonies I've attended. Megan is such a sweet girl and we are so excited to have her in the family. While we were waiting for them to come out of the temple I mentioned to Bryan's uncle (his dashing, debonair and SINGLE uncle ;) that I'd forgotten my memory card. He pulled out his camera to show me that he'd forgotten his battery. His memory card was the same kind I needed, so he lent it to me! Yay pictures!  The weather that day was perfect, so we all just waited out in the gardens. Lucy was in love with this statue, especially the little kitty on the old woman's lap, she kept giving him kisses and petting him. She eventually ended up on the woman's lap.
Sam had a blast all day. He made so many new friends and got to drool on so many new shoulders. (he was teething)
He especially loved Bryan's cousin Hannah.
When he was throughly exhausted she gave him a bottle, but he was still restless because it was too bright. I went through my bag and this was all I could come up with. ... at least it's clean, right? Am I damaging my children? lol
Daniel also made new friends and played so well with Megan's niece Olivia. She was such a cutie and was the Maid of Honor at the wedding. So sweet. Here she is waiting for Tim and Megan to finally come out of the temple.
I love this shot! I think it shows how most couples feel once they've finally made everything official. They looked that happy all day. :)
All of the nieces and nephew ran up (with Caleb leading the charge) to give hugs and loves. Daniel immediately yelled, hey, where are your kids??? (Because, you know, once you get married you have kids, right?)
I love her bouquet. Love her gown. Love her hair. So pretty.
Olivia did her Maid of Honor duty by helping Megan with her train.
While everyone was gathered taking pictures, Daniel rummaged through my purse and found a squirtgun he'd stashed there a while ago. I, of course, had no idea it was there. He ran over, filled it up in the fountain and started squirting his cousins.
This is him about 30 seconds later when I made him empty it and give it back to me!
Once Sam was out, he was out for good. We took turns lugging him around and letting him snuggle down. We sure love our baby.
All the kids took turns playing in the fountain.  And all the adults took turns pulling them out again. ;)
Daniel and Caleb are two peas in a pod. Find one of them and you've found the other. Here, they were hiding behind a planter to try and scare us. Funny little boys.
To be continued..... the reception....


The Bell Family

Suzanne, I love your blog. It was great meeting you guys and we will defenitly have to hang out when you come to Utah this summer. Great photos from the wedding!


I love her dress. So simple and beautiful.


Thanks Sian, I love your blog too. Your girls are just too cute. I'll definitely give you a call when we're in Utah.
Kami, isn't it beautiful? It made me wish I'd gotten married in the spring. ;)


Great pictures Suzanne! I love that one of Megan holding up her boquet as she and Tim are coming out...perfect.


Jessie, that one is my favorite too. Such a perfect couple. I'm SUPER sad to be missing Amy's wedding tomorrow. You'll have to take a ton of pictures for me. (pretty please???)


Thanks for posting these pictures. I hate that I couldn't be there for my little sis and so it is wonderful that friends and family that were there have posted pictures. Thank you!


Emma, we were sad you couldn't be there too! Hopefully I'll get to meet you soon. You have such a great family and we all just love Megan so much. I'm glad you liked the pictures!

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