I don't think I've mentioned this, but we've spent nearly all summer in Utah. Bryan was studying for his boards and we were trying to stay out of his hair. (much easier said than done!) So Daniel and I have been joined at the hip for the last 2 months or so. Poor kid.

One of the first things we got to do in Utah was go to see Thomas!We went with all of Daniel's Utah cousins and they were all so excited to meet Thomas.
The train car we were riding in was one used in "A River Runs Through it," So one of us could have been sitting in the same seat Brad Pitt sat in while filming the movie. I hope they've cleaned them thoroughly since then. How old is that movie anyways?I kept trying to get pictures of Caleb and every time the shutter would click he'd do something like this.It took patience and skill, but I finally got one that features his baby blues. It's not fair for a boy to have such gorgeous eyes, is it? The kids got to get up close and personal with Thomas.... Daniel loved it.There were a lot of other activities to do once the train ride was over. The boys colored with chalk while the little girls blew bubbles.

There was a petting zoo with a freaky looking camel that just layed on the ground. I couldn't even tell what it was at first it looked so funny, Daniel was so soft with the little ponies, it's great practice for the distant day when we get a dog.He was super excited about a lego city that some guy had put together, complete with Thomas and his tracks running through town.He was even more impressed with the real train they had parked out back.There was a tent filled with trains and tracks for the little kids to play with. It was pure torture to make them leave. They had such a blast driving those trains all around. It cost a pretty penny, but all in all I think it was definitely worth it. Thanks Mema!


J and M

Ellie's first love was Thomas the
Train and so we did this same thing for her when she was 3. Miles sat on my lap as we saw your post, and couldn't stop talking about the train.......Looks like we'll be going again! Ellie now wondered if there was a day out with Cinderella (hmmm. dare I tell her it's called Disneyland? $$$).

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