So I guess I should add some text to this? :/ While we were in Nauvoo we saw the most beautiful flowers ever. I think they're some kind of peony, but I'm not sure. Can anyone tell me what they are? (you can email me the answer if you want to, I've noticed that people are a little shy in replying on here. ;) I still love ya. The kids all loved going swimming at the hotels. I just thought my neice looked too stylin' in her swimming getup.
We went to the family living center and learned how to make rope. It was pretty cool, we even got to keep some.
We took a horse drawn carriage ride around historic Nauvoo. Daniel was interested for about 5 minutes, and then he was a little terror. It rained all day and the ride was freezing, but it was definitely worth it. They made a play area for the kids, which I think was a brilliant idea. They had old fashioned games and little play houses that were outfitted in period furnishings. We couldn't tear Daniel away from the slate boards. I think Becca did eventually get up onto the stilts, I know Bryan finally did, but he had to bend down to hold them right, so he was about the same height on them as off! Bryan was also really good at "chasing" the hoops. I don't know how else to explain it, there's a metal hoop and they have a stick to guide it with....After all the cool things we'd seen, I think the boys had the most fun with the water fountain. Seriously kids, the water fountain? Why did we bring you? ;)We went to the blacksmith/ wheelwright shop and Daniel was awarded the coveted horse shoe that they make in their demonstration. The boys really liked inspecting the well at Brigham Young's house, I was really glad they had put a metal grate over it not to far down.



It looks like peonies to me - amazing close-up of that flower. Fun to see more Nauvoo pics - when you told me about the horseshoe, I was picturing a full size one and was amazed they would give it to you. Your Etsy stuff is sooo darling!!!

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