Italy day 5: We had reservations at the Uffizi in the morning, so we headed straight over there. It was absolutely incredible. It was so busy though! I wish that I could've just sat in there all day and looked at all of the art. We saw The Birth of Venus and all the other Botticelli's in the gallery, I think my favorite Boticelli was the Innunciation. I also loved the Madonna and Child by Lippi. The Holy Family by Michelangelo was also a high point. Everything we saw was just incredible. We spent 4 or 5 hours in the gallery. Then it was time to search for something to eat. We finally found a place that looked okay and had some pizza. Italian pizza is soooo good!!! Then we headed to go see Michelangelo's David. WOW! It is just so incredible to see in person. What talent. Unfortunately were weren't allowed to take any photos here or at the Uffizi. After the David we went to Vivoli's and had some incredible Gellato. Then we went and sat in the piazza at Santa Croce while I fixed my shoes (bandaids!). Then we walked across the river Arno and walked up Michelangelo's Hill. It was a nice walk, beautiful all the way up. I kept stopping to take pictures and Bryan kept saying, it just gets better, why stop to take pictures now? He was right too. It was so beautiful! We were there just as the sun was setting and it was breathtaking! The moon was also visible just behind the bronze reproduction of the David. Just gorgeous. Then we walked a bit farther up the hill to a church that Bryan used to go to on Sundays to read and the view was even better and there was hardly anyone else up there. It was nice to finally feel like we weren't in the middle of a crowd. By the time we started to head home we were exhausted and I had definitely worn the wrong shoes ( sandals!) so we caught a bus and hit the hay at our hotel.


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